I am an independent glass artist who works primarily with Italian Effetre glass rods over the flame of a torch. My torch combines oxygen and propane to produce the flame. The glass rods are heated in the flame until molten, and then wound around a steel mandrel to form a bead. Different colors of glass are layered and manipulated in the flame to form various designs and patterns. I often incorporate slices of murrine cane into my bead designs. The canes are created as a separate process where I form layers of molten glass into a "picture" which is heated and pulled into a rod, or cane, with the resulting image appearing throughout the length of the rod. ~~~ My creative endeavors began twenty eight years ago when I learned calligraphy (I still teach calligraphy classes at a local community college), and I transferred those skills toward bead making. The influence of the numerous design and color workshops I have taken over the years shows up in my bead designs. I enjoy the creative process of working with molten glass to form miniature paintings. I love the colors and images found in tropical locations and use my travel experiences to influence my choices when working with the glass. A little bit of sand comes home with me from every beach I visit, and eventually finds its way onto my "beach beads". ~~~ I have been featured in month long exhibits in 2004 and 2007 at the Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery in Chandler, AZ and have shown my work at many bead shows and juried art fairs across the country. My work has been published in the Lapidary Journal, the cover of the 1997 Colored Stone Magazine Tucson Show Guide, Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine, Crafts Report and the 2003 April issue of Bead & Button. Images of my beads and jewelry have been published in Cindy Jenkins' books, "Making Glass Beads" and "Beads of Glass", "1000 Glass Beads" by Lark Books and on the cover of "Beadwork Collection" by Masako Saito.